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icthus - the symbol used by early Christians to identify themselves to fellow Christians

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Samuel White

First Time by Sam White


  • A new voice in the world of Christian fiction--or any fiction for that matter--White currently only has one book out: First Time--The Legend of Garison Fitch, a well-written, intriguing story of time travel. The back page of the novel directs the reader to a web site ostensibly about the author where there is little information about the author but one learns that he draws a daily comic strip called "Tuttle's". The comic strip is so unlike his prose, however, that it seems strange to think they spring from the same mind.

    White's view of time goes against most of the standard science fiction visions and may be, thus, a bithard to conceive of at first. A second reading, however proves that he seems to have taken a specificview of time (that time is strictly linear and there is only one time line in the universe) and remainedlogical to that particular view throughout, despite what might be considered conventional wisdom on thematter. Agree or disagree, it will make you think.

    Additional Notes:

    White's web site includes a sample chapter from the sequel to"First Time". It's hard to get a good feel, based on just a few pages, but the intro certainly makes mewant to read the next story.




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Best Christian Fiction

First Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch,

Saving Time - Due out in Fall 2003

To Order His Book

  • First Time - from the publisher - $17.

  • First Time

    - from Amazon - $17-$34.

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