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Air Rage

by Sam Yarney

Air Rage by Sam Yarney


Air Rage

  • Air Rage by Sam Yarney (Victor Newman Books, distributed in the US by Faith Works)


    Cyrus Anderson has almost settled down. He's married (to Liddy) and has a son (Gordon), and works as a journalist for the powerful PDR cable news network. He gets what seems to be the break of his life when he gets to interview the President of the United States. Something Cyrus asks makes the president uncomfortable, though, and Cyrus can't figure out what is causing the consternation. As Cyrus begins to dig, his past (see "90 Days") comes back to haunt him, and try to kill him. Can Cyrus discover the true story in time to save his life--and maybe the free world in the bargain?

    With Tom Clancy-like storytelling (back in the good ol' days when Tom was capable of writing a sentence without profanity), the reader is carried over several continents and deep into the workings of more than one international plat . . . or is it more than one?

    Thematic Review

    "Air Rage" is a true sequel to "90 Days", meaning that if the reader hasn't read the previous novel, it is unlikely they'll last past the first third of this one. I say that with reluctance because I don't want to scare anyone off. The final third of this novel is as good and exciting as anything you're likely to have read in years (and the middle third is engaging if not spectacular) and it's well worth your time getting there. I would just recommend that the reader go get "90 Days" and read it first--in which case the first third of this book will make a lot more sense.

    That being said, it is remarkable how different this novel is from it's prequel. The writing is similar, but whereas the previous book emphasized the power of prayer (and I expected this one to do the same), Yarney puts great faith in his audience and assumes we've learned that lesson. With prayer firmly in place, this novel tackles the weighty subject of the power of the gospel over world affairs. Ten pages from the end I might have said that Yarney had come close but missed the mark, but the finale pays off (and leaves the reader anxious for more).

    One other word about that ending (without giving anything away): Yarney has done a wonderful job of sleight of hand with the ending. A letter from one of the characters surfaces and, at first, seemed to be too "pat". But then the bombshell is dropped and the reader realizes the nicely wrapped package is an illusion. All the loose ends are not so tied up as they had appeared to be just pages before.

    The second book in many trilogies (see Sam White's "Saving Time" or even "The Empire Strikes Back") ends with a cliff-hanger that is intended to be obviously so. "Air Rage" . . . does it end with a cliff-hanger or not? You'll have to decide for yourself.

    Literary Review

    The writing of this novel is better than that in "90 Days" and the editing (or typesetting, anyway) is light-years ahead of the prequel. Liddy is still the weakest character, but she's better. I can't help but compare Yarney's novels with those of other authors reviewed here. I wish Yarney could get together with Brad Whittington ("Welcome to Fred"). Yarney could learn much from Whittington about character development and Whittington could benefit from Yarney's plot-crafting skills.




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